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Direct Primary Care

What is Direct Primary Care? Direct Primary Care is a model where patients pay their physician or practice directly in the form of periodic payments for primary care services. This model keeps costs affordable and transparent without having to use cumbersome insurance plans which inflate costs and make access to care difficult.  The care is paid for through a monthly membership fee. 


Who is Direct Primary Care for?  This model is best for patients who utilize high deductible health insurance plans.  These plans typically cover patients for expensive hospitalization or surgeries but don't provide adequate access to a primary care physician for routine needs.  It is important to know that Direct Primary Care is not insurance but acts as a retainer under Utah Code 34A-4-106.5 “Medical Retainer Agreements”. Patients need to carry a minimum high deductible health insurance.  Some diseases may require consultation with a specialist which is not covered by this retainer.



Adult $75/month,  2nd Adult $50/month,  each child is $20/month.  



No Copay (no charge for the visit).

Unlimited Visits

Free Routine Vaccinations

Free Routine Bloodwork.  (ask for the specific list of covered blood tests- non-covered blood tests are provided at a significantly reduced price).

Reduced Cost of Imaging- provided at Lakeview Hospital


Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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